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  • Vitality Fitness Rapid Workout

Vitality Fitness Rapid Workout

Rapid Workout Session.

Dynamic Stretching 3 mins.

(high knees, butt kicks, arms swings, shrugs etc)

Followed by...

10 of each of the following

  • Body Weight Squat
  • Lunge
  • Mountain Climber
  • Hip Thruster
  • Standard Push Up
  • Diamond Push Up (both hands touching)
  • Split Stance Push Up (one hand forward one back)

Plus > 2 x Plank Hold (*20 seconds each time to begin with - extending time as you get stronger)

Then finish with as many of 'The Shredder' as you can.

How To Perform 'The Shredder'.

1. Start in a standing position.
2. Squat down - hands on outer side of feet
3. Shoot legs backwards, landing in a pushup position.
4. Perform a pushup, (hips and shoulders move together - keep core engaged!)
5. Jump legs back up, landing them outside your hands.
6. Jump legs back out straight

7. Jump legs out in a wide split and back in again
9. Jump Up, springing into the air, before landing back in the start position.
...........................that's one

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