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Recipes - Lunch Box Ideas -  Breads, Wraps  and Rolls

So often when we see ideas for lunches they are aimed at children's school lunch boxes, while some of these ideas are great to adapt, sometimes it is nice to cater lunch towards a more refined palette.

Hopefully the ideas on this page will help guide you in some new directions....


The sandwich is considered to be the namesake of John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, because of the claim that he was the eponymous inventor of this much beloved food item,  However, the use of some kind of bread-like substance to lie under (or under and over) some other food, or used to scoop up and enclose or wrap some other type of food, long predates the 18th century, and is found in numerous much older cultures worldwide.

Traditional Combinations

BLT - Bacon, lettuce and tomato (choose sulphur free low fat bacon)

Turkey, Roast - Roast turkey slices, camembert, and cranberry sauce

Continental -

Club Sandwich - The earliest reference to the Club sandwich in print is from "Conversations of a Chorus Girl", published 1903, by Ray L. Cardell.
Traditionally served with toasted bread, chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and egg mayonnaise, traditionally served with a side portion of either coleslaw, and accompanied by a pickle.

Dagwood - Named after Dagwood Bumstead, a character from the comic strip Blondie, who is frequently shown making enormous sandwiches.
The exact ingredients of the Dagwood remain a mystery however they often contain large quantities and varieties of cold meats sliced cheeses and vegetables separated by additional slices of bread. An olive pierced by a toothpick or wooden skewer usually crowns the edible structure.

Monte Cristo
- Sometimes said to be simply a fried ham and cheese sandwich, the Monte Cristo
Traditionally, is sliced ham off the bone and good quality cheese (the variation is often up to the individual's preference) in thick white bread, dipped in its entirety in egg batter and pan fried.
The Healthier version involved swapping the white bread for high fiber wholemeal and baking rather than frying.

Rueben - Reuben Kulakofsky (sometimes spelled Reubin, or the last name shortened to Kay), a Lithuanian-born grocer residing in Omaha, Nebraska, was the inventor perhaps as part of a group effort by members of Kulakofsky's weekly poker game held in the Blackstone Hotel from around 1920 through 1935.
a hot sandwich composed of corned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and Russian dressing, grilled between slices of rye bread.

Adventurous Combinations

The Zinger - Peanut Butter and sliced sweet spiced gerkins

Rolls, Buns

Rolls and Buns

Traditional Fillings

Philadelphia Cheese Steak - Philadelphians Pat and Harry Olivieri are often credited with inventing the sandwich in the early 1930s made from thinly-sliced pieces of steak, fried onion and melted cheese in a long roll.


Flat Breads - Turkish Bread, Pita Bread

The ancient Jewish sage Hillel the Elder is said to have wrapped meat from the Paschal lamb and bitter herbs between two pieces of old-fashioned soft matzah during Passover. Flat breads of only slightly varying kinds have long been used to scoop or wrap small amounts of food en route from platter to mouth throughout Western Asia and northern Africa



(Italian pronunciation: [foˈkattʃa]

  • Focaccia an oven-baked Italian flat bread
  • Focaccia is similar in style and texture to a pizza dough.
  • Focaccia may be topped with herbs or other ingredients.
  • Focaccia is usually seasoned with olive oil, salt, sometimes herbs
  • Focaccias may also have  topping such as onion, cheese and meat. 
  • Focaccia doughs may also be flavored with a number of vegetables such as pumpkin.
  • Focaccia is used as a side to a meal, a base for pizza, or sandwich base
Chicken and Beetroot Relish Focaccia

(Serves 2)


  • 1 Toasted high fibre focaccia, cut in half and split down the centre
  • 3/4 cup cold roasted chicken pieces
  • 2 tablespoons of grated Parmesan Cheese
  • 1 avocado peeled, de-seeded and sliced
  • Cos lettuce
  • Beetroot Relish


  1. Compile Ingredients in a sandwich,
  2. using the avocado instead of butter, smoosh it into the bread,
  3. top with other ingredients and serve.

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