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A Letter to My Body...

Dear Body,

You have meant so much to me during my lifetime as we shared so many experiences together. I know there are so many things I could not have done without you.

I haven’t always been the nicest to you, eating rubbish foods, sitting around and not exercising, trying extreme diets to lose weight. You have stuck it out with me through it all.

I want to make it up to you because I know you deserve better. I am making a commitment, as of today, to improve on the mistakes of the past and to work towards a long, healthy and productive future for us both.

I promise to eat nutritious healthy food that will nourish us, help us to function better and aid in repairing some of the damage I have already done to you.

I promise to stay focused on moving towards a healthy weight in an appropriate manner, by exercising each day in an activity that makes us feel inspired, happy and fulfilled.

I promise to take control of our health, by nourishing my body, with healthy food, fun exercise, also by connecting to the world and others around me in a spiritual connectedness. I promise to have regular health checks, and to explore alternative medicine as a means of addressing our health as a preventative measure rather than waiting until we suffer from dis-ease.

To do all this I may have to ask more of you than you have already given, I may sometimes push you past the limits you think you can go to, but I promise you CAN do it, I will be right here helping you to achieve more than you ever thought possible…..

Today is the beginning of a new future, one filled with health, fun, happiness and self-respect.

Today we take control of our future…together.

Let’s go!


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